Nurol Gulf W.L.L.

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Nurol Gulf W.L.L.

Established in 2007, Nurol Gulf W.L.L. is known for its expertise in the design, fabrication, erection and commissioning of heavy structural steel works such as mega hangars, airport terminal buildings, stadium and sport facilities, warehouses, architectural facade steel works, bridges as weel as industrial steel works such as boilers, heat exchangers, carbon steel and stainless steel piping, spoolworks, pressure vessels, API tanks, turn key Industrial plants, cement factory equipments, electro static precipitators, power house cranes, portal cranes and harbour cranes and material handling systems.

Nurol Gulf W.L.L. fabrication plant, which is located in the New Industrial Area in Doha, is built on a 46.406 square meter plot, 19.000 square meters of covered production facility, houses CNC plasma & oxy cutting machines, CNC pipe cutting machine, CNC band saw line, CNC drilling line, automated beam welding line, automated column and boom welding line, inlet and outlet shot blasting lines, plate bending machine, hydraulic presses, painting facilities, a welding school, administration building, stock yards and sheds.

Nurol Gulf W.L.L. takes pride in completion of two Qatar Foundation keystone facilities in Education City, namely Al Shaqab Academy Project and the structural steel works for the atriums of Sidra Medical and Research Center.

The important features that set Nurol Gulf W.L.L. apart are the commitment to sound engineering practices, quality, health & safety and due respect for the environment and on time delivery to achieve client satisfaction.

Nurol Gulf WLL.’s goal is to make maximum contribution to the infrastructure and Industrial Development of the State of Qatar with the emphasis on utilization of the local industry and resources.